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Rachel is a fictional character from the novel Something Borrowed which was created in 2005 by Emily Griffin.

Rachel White is a attorney and single. When she catches a cab with her best friends fiance, Dex she ends up sleeping with him. She's had a crush on him since they attended law school together. Dex manages to sneak out and Rachel believes that this was just a one night stand and that it will never happen again. This was not true. Throughout the story we are shown their love affair. Trying to keep their love for each other a secret was hard for them to do seeing as Darcy is Rachel's best friend and Dex's fiance.

When Dex's mother, who is suffering from depression, tells him that the wedding between Dex and Darcy is the only thing keeping her happy and sane. When Dex spends time with Rachel when he was meant to be at the Hamptons he runs into his parents. Dexter Senior begins to figure out what is happening between them and tells him that he had been end things with Rachel. This causes Dex to stop spending time with Rachel and to go back to Darcy.

When Darcy, Rachel, Dex, Marcus and Ethan go to a beach house things begin to get a bit heated between Ethan, Rachel and Dex during a badminton game. Ethan tells them that he is going to tell Darcy what is happening between the two. But in order to stop him, Rachel ends up hitting him with her badminton racquet which ends up breaking his nose.

Rachel asks Dex to break out off the wedding, which he rufuses. So when Ethan moves to London because of a job Rachel goes and flies out to see him. Ethan then reveals to Rachel that he is in love with her. But Rachel doesn't feel the same way and flies back home. When she arrives home she finds Dex sitting on her doorstep. He explains to her that he broke things off with Darcy. Rachel was surprised and happy at the same time. She invites him inside to only find Darcy knocking on her door saying that she wants to talk to her. Darcy comes in and says that she is pregnant with Marcus's baby and she had been cheating on Dex with Marcus. Just as she was about to leave she discovers Dex's jacket sitting there. Dex then comes out and Darcy then figures out that the other woman that Dex was seeing was Rachel. Darcy then storms out of the apartment and tells

Darcy (Kate Hudson) & Rachel (Ginnifer Goodwin)

Rachel that she hates her.

Darcy and Rachel end up meeting while walking down the street two months later. Darcy explains to Rachel that she is happy and forgives Rachel for sleeping with her ex fiance. They both part and Rachel ends up meeting Dex at a bench. They walk, hand in hand down the footpath together.

The last scene in the film is of Darcy going to London and surprising Ethan. Ethan sees her and walks away before the scene goes blank which indicates to viewers that there is a good possiblility that there may be a second film on it's way called Something Blue.

Rachel White is portrayed by Ginnifer Goodwin in Something Borrowed.